What are the features of one-shot EVA insert moulds?

In the modern packaging industry, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is widely used due to its excellent cushioning and durability, especially for high-value items like electronics and cosmetics. Many manufacturers prefer one-shot EVA insert moulds for their efficiency and advantages.

What is a one-shot EVA inlay mould?

A one-shot mould refers to a mould where the EVA material is directly shaped and sized through a single hot press moulding process. This process, compared to traditional multi-step approaches, enhances efficiency, significantly shortening production cycles, while also improving product consistency and stability. Insert moulds feature specific shaped slots or holes inside to facilitate object placement and fixation.

Features of one-shot EVA insert moulds

1.High precision moulding

Advanced hot pressing technology ensures precise control over shape and size, reducing material waste and costs.

2.Excellent cushioning properties

EVA’s inherent elasticity absorbs impacts, enhanced by structural optimization for better protection.

3. Design Flexibility

One-piece moulding allows for complex geometries and specific functional requirements to be met, catering to diverse customer needs.

4.Efficient production process

One-shot moulding significantly boosts efficiency, reducing steps and production cycles, benefiting manufacturers economically.

5.Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

EVA’s non-toxic nature aligns with environmental standards, and its recyclability reduces waste, embodying sustainability.


One-shot EVA insert moulds have become an important technological breakthrough in the field of EVA box manufacturing due to their high-precision moulding, excellent cushioning properties, design flexibility, efficient production processes, as well as environmental friendliness and sustainability. For the majority of manufacturers, the adoption of this advanced process can not only improve product quality and production efficiency, but also occupy a favourable position in the fierce market competition.

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