Why must the leather material of EVA boxes be resistant to high temperatures?

In today’s market, EVA boxes have become one of the indispensable packaging options in many industries. Its lightness, durability and strong plasticity make it play an important role in protecting products and enhancing brand image. In the production process of EVA boxes, one of the key steps is stamping model making. The production of stamping models involves high-temperature processing. Therefore, choosing high-temperature resistant leather materials has become a necessary condition to ensure production quality and product performance.

Choose heat-resistant leather

In the production of EVA boxes, choosing the right leather material is crucial. Among them, some high-temperature resistant leather materials, such as PU leather, Jiaji cloth and Oxford cloth, have become the first choice. Not only do these leathers remain stable in high-temperature environments, they also ensure safety during the production process and product quality.

PU leather: a stable guardian under high temperatures

PU leather is a synthetic leather material with excellent heat resistance. During the production process of EVA boxes, PU leather can withstand high-temperature stamping and maintain stable physical properties. It not only protects the internal structure of the EVA box, but also provides a solid outer layer of protection for the box body, allowing it to remain intact in various environments.

Jiaji cloth and Oxford cloth: strong support for high temperature resistance

In addition to PU leather, Jiaji cloth and Oxford cloth are also popular high-temperature resistant leather options. They have excellent wear resistance and heat resistance, and can maintain stable performance in high temperature environments. These leathers provide a strong outer layer of protection for the EVA box, allowing it to withstand the challenges of high temperatures during the manufacturing process.


In the production process of EVA boxes, it is crucial to choose high-temperature resistant leather. The heat resistance of PU leather, Jiaji cloth, Oxford cloth and other leather materials provides reliable guarantee for the production of EVA boxes, ensuring product quality and stability. Therefore, when choosing leather, be sure to consider its high temperature resistance to ensure that the EVA box can perform its best in various environments.

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