EVA Home Storage Box: The best way to keep your coffee machine set neat and organized?

When you invest in a high-quality coffee machine set, you undoubtedly want to be able to properly protect and manage these valuable accessories. That’s why we highly recommend using our EVA home storage boxes. This storage box not only provides the best protection for your coffee machine set but also makes your kitchen tidy and organized, full of style and beauty.

About the EVA household product storage box:

  • Material and size: Our storage box is made of high-quality PU+EVA material to ensure the best shock resistance and waterproof performance. And we can customize the size of the box to suit your needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your coffee machine set.
  • Rich color options: In addition to the traditional black, we also provide a variety of colors for you to choose from, making your storage box more personalized and unique.
  • Multifunctional Logo: We can do screen printing, rubber, voltage, digital printing, heat transfer, metal, embossing, gravure printing, offset printing, woven label logos, and other logos on the storage box according to your requirements to meet your personalization needs.

Why choose the EVA household storage box?

Perfect protective performance: The excellent shock resistance and waterproof performance of EVA material can ensure that your coffee machine set is protected from damage and the impact of the external environment.

Neat and Organized Kitchen: By using the EVA storage box, you can easily keep every part of the coffee machine set in one place in an orderly manner, keeping your kitchen neat and organized at all times.

Fashion and beauty: Our storage box has a simple and elegant design, which not only protects your coffee machine set but also adds a touch of fashion and beauty to your kitchen.


The EVA household storage box is your best choice to protect and manage your coffee machine set. Whether you are a coffee lover or a cafe owner, choosing our products can give your coffee machine set a new lease of life and make your kitchen neater and more beautiful. Choose our products today and make your coffee experience even more perfect!

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