What is the quality of the EVA box? What is the hardness level of 75 degrees?

EVA packaging boxes are very popular because of their excellent protective properties and beautiful design. This article will explore the quality of EVA boxes and the level of 75-degree hardness.

Quality of EVA box

Material properties

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) has excellent flexibility and elasticity and is effectively shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, it is widely used in the packaging of electronic products, medical equipment and precision instruments.

Production Process

High-quality EVA boxes rely on advanced production technology and strict quality control. High-precision molds and modern production lines ensure that each EVA box has precise dimensions and a stable structure.

Environmental performance

With the improvement of environmental awareness, the environmental protection properties of EVA materials have gradually received attention. EVA material is non-toxic, odorless and complies with international environmental standards. Using EVA boxes not only helps protect the environment, but also enhances the brand’s environmental image and wins the favor of more consumers.

75 degree hardness level

Hardness definition

The hardness of EVA materials is usually measured by Shore A hardness, with 75 degrees indicating a medium to upper hardness level.

Hardness and Application

The 75-degree hardness EVA box strikes a balance between protective performance and flexibility, and is suitable for high-strength protection needs, such as electronic product packaging.


As a high-performance packaging material, EVA boxes are widely recognized for their quality. The 75-degree hardness EVA box achieves a good balance between protective performance and flexibility, and is suitable for the packaging needs of a variety of high-value products. When choosing EVA packaging boxes, material characteristics, production processes and environmental performance should be comprehensively considered to ensure that you purchase high-quality products.

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