What industries can EVA storage boxes be used in?

EVA storage boxes are the preferred packaging solution for many industries due to their superior performance and versatility. Here are some of the main application areas:


EVA storage box provide shock, water, and dust protection for electronic products like mobile phones, tablets, and camcorders. This ensures devices remain safe from damage during transport and storage.

Medical Device Industry

Medical devices require a safe and hygienic storage environment, EVA storage boxes are non-toxic, odourless and anti-bacterial, making them ideal for storing and transporting medical devices, keeping them safe and clean.

Tools and Equipment

For medical devices, EVA storage boxes offer a safe and hygienic environment. Being non-toxic, odorless, and anti-bacterial, they are ideal for keeping medical devices clean and secure during transport.

Cosmetics and Beauty

Cosmetics and beauty tools require aesthetically pleasing and convenient packaging, and EVA cases are lightweight, durable and customisable to not only protect the product, but also to enhance the brand image.

Sporting Goods

Sporting goods such as protective gear, balls, and fitness equipment are often packaged in EVA cases. Their shock resistance and durability protect the supplies during use and transport, and they are easy to carry.


Precision instruments require special protection, and EVA cases offer superior shock resistance and customisation for storing and transporting a wide range of precision equipment.


EVA storage boxes are widely used in a variety of industries such as electronics, medical devices, tools and equipment, cosmetics, beauty tools, sporting goods and instrumentation, and are ideal for a variety of industries due to their excellent protective properties and versatility.

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