EVA packaging box FAQ: Everything you want to know is here.

Welcome to our EVA packaging box FAQ page! Here, we not only answer some basic questions but also take you into more details about EVA hard shell packaging boxes to provide you with more choices and a better shopping experience.

1.What is an EVA hard shell packaging box?

The EVA hard shell packaging box is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) material, which is a highly elastic and high-strength synthetic material. Its unique properties make it an ideal product packaging solution, especially for industries that have high requirements for safe product transportation.

2.What are the characteristics of EVA packaging boxes?

Customized appearance: EVA packaging boxes can be customized with a personalized appearance through printing, engraving, and heat transfer to make your products stand out in the market.

Waterproof and moisture-proof: EVA material is inherently waterproof and moisture-proof, which can effectively protect products from moisture and liquids.

Easy to clean: The EVA packaging box with a smooth surface is easy to clean, keeping the product always looking new.

3.Why choose an EVA hard shell packaging box?

  • Technological design: EVA packaging boxes not only focus on functionality but also attract attention for their technological design. Unlike traditional packaging, it can add a lot of color to the product.
  • Environmentally friendly material: EVA is an environmentally friendly material that is environmentally friendly and in line with the concept of sustainable development in modern enterprises.
  • Applicable to multiple scenarios: Whether in outdoor sports, travel, or daily use, EVA hard shell packaging boxes can provide all-round protection for products.

4.Which industries are EVA packaging boxes suitable for?

In addition to the previously mentioned electronic products, medical equipment, and jewelry industries, EVA packaging boxes are also widely used in:

  • Cosmetics: Provide a safe storage and transportation environment for cosmetics.
  • Outdoor goods: Protect outdoor gear from the harsh elements.
  • Toys: Provide complete appearance and structural protection for toys.

5.How do you customize EVA packaging boxes suitable for your products?

In addition to providing size, color, and design information, you can:

  • Select the lining material: According to the product characteristics, select the appropriate lining material to further improve the protective performance.
  • Add accessories: Consider whether you need to add accessories such as zippers, interior pockets, or dividers to provide more functionality.
  • Apply for samples: Before mass customization, it is recommended to apply for sample testing to ensure that the EVA packaging box fully meets your expectations.


We are committed to providing you with EVA packaging boxes that are not only functional but also beautiful. By choosing our products, you get a packaging solution that is both practical and high-quality. If you have any other questions or special needs, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing us and creating a perfect packaging experience together!

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